Kava & Coffee Café
key west's only kava bar
 about us
Kava & Coffee Café
a local gathering spot
coffee, kava, food, internet
 about us
Kava & Coffee Café
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about us

About us

Kava & Coffee Café

Kava Key Westis everything you would expect in an independent Coffee House. We are the only place to get Kava on the Island. Come and treat yourself to a great espresso drink customized to please your pallet. We offer Breakfast and Lunch daily. If you are looking for some taste teasing baked goods, this is the place to be! Free WiFi with purchase. We have two high speed internet lines! Baby it’s fast in here!!!

Did you know?

About our Café:

Famous for
our kava!
305 293 8357
Open everyday
07:00 - 05:00
424 Eaton St
Key West

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